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Please come see Dirty Olives in my new home!

Gettin' my craft on.

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For about a year now I've been wanting and trying to learn how to crochet. I bought the Stitch and Bitch crochet book (as recommended by a friend) but I couldn't get it. I tried a few times, put the book down for a few days and tried again....still no go. I found tutorials online and those didn't help either. I just could not wrap my brain around it. Last week, I don't even remember why, I picked up the book and went to grab the yarn. Would you believe it? I started crocheting like I had known for years! Now I just need to find my self a nice little project/pattern.
Voulez vous crochet avec moi?
Also, a while back I picked up this book. Ta-Da!
I kinda want to do this to all my t-shirts now......maybe a little too much? Maybe.

Happy Canada Day!

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My previous assumption that you were a little bit off has been totally cleared up now that I realize you're just Canadian

Things I love this week.

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-My new haircut!
I had it cut a second time this week by a self proclaimed "Bad Arse Hair Chick" Deyah. She had given my old neighbor a sweet cut last summer that I absolutely loved! I feel like a new supper sassy woman.

-Our new washer and dryer.
They sing a sweet tune when the cycle is done that has made me smile every time so far.

-Stained Glass.
I finished my latest piece this week and it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.

-My husband surprising me with a new toe ring. Such a sweet gesture.

-This photo.

-Monday Belly dancing class with girls from work. Makes for nice conversation about something other than work.

-Homemade cinnamon raisin pinwheels for breakfast.

-Canadian Vignettes. They make me so homesick.

Indoor gardening tips from a man who's very scared of plants.

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Wednesday was a good day.

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Wednesday was Administrative Professional's Day. My position at work is a little all over the place....sales/jane of all/"the one that runs the floor" Whatever my title may be, they appreciate me! It was a super surprise.

And then.....

That same night at my stained glass class, my teacher asked me to help her with demonstrations in an upcoming open house. Sweet!
So if you live around Orlando, c'mon down to the Maitland Art Center May 16, 1:00-4:00pm and check out the open house!

Our first Florida camping trip.

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Our first camping trip in Florida....quite the adventure. Who knew it would be easier to walk into a hotel and get a room that getting a campsite? Do you have a reservation???

The first place we tried (Wekiwa Springs State Park) was a "first come, first served" kind of park, so I figured our chances were 50/50. No dice. The park ranger lady handed us a little pink slip with directions to the next closest park (Kelly Park)
"Sorry, we're all full up"
We asked if there was a park other than the one we had just come from and she handed us a pamphlet to Wekiwa River Falls Resort in Sorrento, FL. She pointed out that it was a "business" and not a State Park. I called ahead to make sure there was space and off we went. On the way, we got a little turned around and also a grasshopper jumped into the car and was bouncing around under my legs so I pulled over into a little strip mall looking place. We were in the middle of butt-pick nowhere and there were these two boys just sitting on a bench. Wierd.
I went over to ask if I was headed in the right direction. The older of the two told me to go down the road for "A really long time" untill I see a sign that says "You just missed us, turn around!" I caught this kid seriously checking out my butt as I walked away and as I was getting baack into the car he yells "I love you!"
Hmm. ok. I will admit I was a little flattered. It was sweet and made Voy smile.
Anyway, we get to the campground and it looks like a pretty cool place. The guy at the desk was a young surfer type, he told us just to go find a spot. ?? No number designation?
We drove down to what looked like the the area he described, parked the car and decided to find a spot on foot. All the sites were between the road and a little stream. The first big camp we passed had beercans all over the ground and some shirtless guy yells out: "You guys want some oysters?" We say no thank you. "Damn! Damn, you got a sistur? Damn, look at that"
We then realized we had entered the redneck twilight zone. Luckily we found a spot further down the road away from all the colorfull people. Seems that one rule of redneck ettiquette that I soon learned is that the men will only adderess the man in our couple. Once my man addresses back in a non threatining way they have full permission to visually molest me. WTF?

I have a theory: State Parks=no alcohol=>rednecks. Maybe? We'll have to try again :)